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The 'King fleet is certainly not "generally unserviceable". We're light years ahead of the Merlin boys in that respect. The issue is in the longer term.

Culdrose will endure as the unit has more in its portfolio than just SAR. If ever a unit was ripe for a look under the microscope it's Wattisham, consistently the lowest score on the jobs tote, year in, year out.

Concur your comments re RAF moving Oz! Naughty bu**ers.

There's no rearguard MOD action to keep SAR, the pros/cons are unchanged, ie PR/boys getting crunchy jobs & experience vs cost/sustainability - I grant you the Treasury has a massive say but the MOD is spread thin and has lots of irons in fires - SAR is way, way down the ladder of importance, despite the good it does. Understandable objectively, but a shame to those of us with a vested interest who know what a great job the boys do (Civ's included of course!).

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