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All this 139/61/SAR Kit bashing is pointless. In the past the MCA have gone out to reputable helicopter operators with a set of requirements. The operators have come back with bids that contain their optimum solution to those requirements. In other words, the DfT/MCA get what they ask for. So the question is who advised the DfT on what they should ask for and who advised them on which bid was best for the latest contract? What is the quality of that advice? As D the D has already pointed out, was the advice free from alterior motives? Aparently a key part of the new contract that was approved by the DfT, has been rejected by the MCA. It seems that the new contractor ticked all the boxes on the matter in the contract bid, ie did what was asked of them. But it seems that the DfT and their advisors have not asked the MCA what was needed. I am not interested in who gets what contract with what kit. Just as long as the DfT have managed to ask for what is needed and expected.
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