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The down wash argument has being going on for years.

The Seaking will have too strong a downwash compared to the Wessex which will have too strong a downwash compared to the Whirlwind was the mantra from my time on SAR

We coped with no real problems - increased the hover height to 50 ft and away you go. I would have always preferred to go on a SAROP in a Seaking than a Whirlwind. Who remembers the slow winch and having to use canvas tapes to increase the winches capability during cliff winching on a Whirlwind.

This is progress and I am sure that the S92 will turn into a very capable a/c once the SOPs have been written to best use its abilities.

Anybody for night winching in a Whirlwind rather than a S92

Don't think there will be many takers


(The Seaking had a boat shaped hull because if you had an engine failure in the hover over water you usually became a boat very quickly )
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