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You have made an impressive list, and it shows how good the S61 has been, but many of those items are shared with a more modern helo. In addition, the next generation can add value (perhaps at the cost of other virtues) here:

Crashworthy structure and absorbing seats to pretect crew and survivors

Crashworthy fuel system to prevent post-crash fires

Floats for Sea State 5 or 6

Tail rotor aurhority for winds at 45 knots

Excess power to support substantial vertical climb in nil wind at maximum SAR weight

All structures, including rotor heads and blades tolerant of significant flaws without crack initiation

Integral electronic maintenance thru HUMS, maintenance computer, onboard diagnostics and pubs with on-line update

Full flat panel symbolic displays with checklists

Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System integrated into displays

Advanced nav-coupled FMS/autopilot

Protection from turbine bursts

Full Electro Magnetic Interference protection

Full lightening strike protection

30% reduction in maintenance and operating costs

That the original has stood so long is a testament to its great design. Imagine how the 61 looked to those who stepped out of the piston aircraft when it was fielded back in 1961!
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