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The EC135 is an excellent police machine and is very similar in performance to the Mk9 Lynx - with which I suspect you are well acquainted! - AUM is never a problem and the only draw backs that are worthy of note are; the 17 hour service bulletins on the drive shaft which should be resolved this summer, the high skid which can (and does) get in the way of the camera and the poorly positioned SX5 which, again, is limited on occasion by the high skid position. These limitations can be easily overcome by the pilot.

I have just remembered the biggest drawback of all, the EC135 is restricted to 1000 ft cloudbase at night due to a lack of AP and despite what MACS say about this CAA regulation, itís going to be a long time before it is resolved.

I have not flown the 902 but from looking inside I can tell you that its looks mighty chummy!!