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"Aviate, Navigate, Communicate" is private pilot 101.

Looking through the posts here there is nothing that would indicate any other procedure than that. Apparently, none of the contributors here know anything other than the fact that a pilot issued a distress call and needing assistance. No one here knows the background or events leading up to this call.

So for all I care there is a pilot out there that "Aviated, Navigated and is now COMMUNICATING" FFCOL

If you loose your only engine over this much water a mayday, after having done the aviating and navigating bit is certainly in order. Even if you're in a twin bug smasher loosing the critical engine might get you in a bit of a tight spot. Additionally, some of them will barely allow you to descend more or less controlled – forget about holding level.
…when one engine on a twin fails, you don't lose half of your excess thrust, you typically lose 80% to 90% of your excess thrust…

But what gets me the most is the fact that a fellow pilot asked for help, and here we are discussing whethre or not he was right to ask for it!! It further gets me asking what some folks here know about twins, airmanship and comradeship...
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