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Great to hear something positive. But I hope your not just grinning about a new aircraft type.

Think back to when you thought, if i could just get on a jet I would be happy, then if I could just get on a widebody jet I would be happy.

Many long time RBA pilots have left in the past few years, yet they didnt leave simply because RBA wasnt getting new aircraft, it was because of the pay, increments, rosters.

How long will getting on this new aircraft keep you grinning, especially if they are only operating two routes. Six months, a year and you will be starting to look at what is really important, such as pay, annual increments, flight allowance, rosters, days off at home base, fatigue, transparacy in rosters.

I believe anyone who has been flying a few years would consider pay and conditions more important than aircraft type. i would rather fly a 767 on good pay, increments, satisfactory days off at home base, good rosters, than fly the latest shiny airplane off the line, with none of the above.

Therefore I hope it is more than a new aircraft type your grinning about.

Fingers crossed.
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