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Talking Royal Brunei - Finally Something Positive

I was in the office last Thursday morning (03 May) and was asked if I was attending the briefing that afternoon. I had no idea about any briefing.
I was told it was in my e mail.
I checked - no it wasn't.
But I attended the briefing anyway.
First of all, I must point out that every Power Point Slide we were shown had "Strictly Confidential" on it, so I will not breach that policy.
But what I will say, is that I came away with a massive feeling of optimism that those at the top seem to have taken the bull by the horns and made the tough decisions. All the things we have been wanting to hear for so long were said.
We asked questions - blunt questions - and got direct, honest answers.
I asked a colleague who had been in the office for quite a few years what he thought.
"Was this just another talk festival where a lot of things are said and nothing ever happens ?"
His response was that to his knowledge there had never been a meeting like this one before, where the things that were said were so frank, honest and allowed to be openly questioned by the rank and file.
The fact that the speakers were prepared to say what they said, and then invite questions and give full answers gave me a feeling of confidence that these guys had done their homework and had got their sums right.
I have often thought of RBA as being like a ship on the ocean where the steering wheel wasn't connected to the rudder and the engines didn't work. The ship was just drifting along.
After the briefing last Thursday I honestly think that the engines have been started and the rudder finally connected to the steering wheel AND someone has bought a map AND taken a course in navigation.
They know where they want to go and they have the ability to get there.
If you want to know exactly what was said at the meeting, please don't ask me.
Ask your F.M , D.F.M. or the F.O.M.
And watch out !
You might just walk out of the office with a smile on your face.

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