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Does anyone know:

1. Was the fire external to the protected compartment housing the APU?

2. Was the APU started prior to landing or after landing?

3. Was there a fire warning in the cockpit for the apu?

4. I haven't flown the Airbus, but many other jets offer an autoshutdown of the apu upon fire warning? Is this the case on the airbus?

From the photo, it seems as if there wasn't any smoke damage or flame damage to the aircraft, is that the case as you all see it?

I can think of a number of uncommanded or unneeded evacuations in the US due to "torching" during start of the engines. I witnessed something akin to this, torching during engine start of MD80. Someone on the ground yelled fire and the crew shot the bottle even though the flame was outside of the protected area. The nacelles actually swelled up momentarilly. The bottles did no good of course.

Another mechanic was also on the radio yelling NOT TO SHOOT THE BOTTLES and that the engine was just torching during start. (other procedures should have been used)

Could this situation be something like that? Observed torching of apu coupled with other factors? Misinterpreting the danger? Perhaps difficulty with common language?


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