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my friends were on the plane, they say the newspapers have made a big deal about it, and there was really no hassle at all.

the first they knew about it was the plane didn't move from the runway and there was foam on the windows. One of the passengers commented that it seemed odd for them to be washing the plane while they were still on the runway...

They were told to remain in their seats with their seatbelts fastened, while the cabin crew went up and down the aisles, etc. Those who stood up were told to sit down.

Suddenly the crew told them that they were evacuating, the doors were blown off, they were told to run. Some people tried taking their handluggage down but were told (sensibly!) to stop.

They all got out of the a/c and were taken inside and given sandwiches and muffins and tea.

Bit of anticlimax, I would have said.

The picture in some newspaper shows three young men and the title under it says "Shock: ...." and their names. The three young men just look like they're laughing.


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