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Hi folks,
Not exactly on thread but a nice recollection of Marcus Edwards.
We were all instructors at the RJAA(Royal Jordanian Air Academy)
Lee Jones was the boss and had organised a 12 ship formation display in Wadi Rum for the benefit of Flight magazine. Lee was not renowned for high flying and the whole thing was pretty hairy, especially if you were on the outside as i was. Anyway the pictures got taken and it was a very succesful day. On the way back up to Amman we were tailchasing through the wadi's, Markus with one of the Flight team on board. It was a warm day and he had the canopy of his Bulldog open. You can probably guess the rest. At some point they were inverted (much more fun!) and all the film, cameras etc were dropped somewhere in the desert. I guess they are still there because they were never found. The only momento of the day were some pic's taken from the ground in Wadi Rum. If I remember correctly, one of these made it into the magazine.
Happy Days!!
PS If anyone has a copy of the picture I would much appreciate it!
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