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Moaning Pilots !

I have been exploring the options available to me of becoming an airline pilot for some months now ! PPRuNe has given me a great insight into my prospective career ! What I have discovered in my days of research on this website is shocking. For a young wannabe these days its extremely difficult to become an airliine pilot and fulfil his or her dream. What shocked me is to read about all those airline pilots who do nothing but complain and moan about their jobs ! These guys really dont know how lucky they are and they dont seem to appreciate their jobs one bit ! If its not there T&C 's its there irregular job ! There are people out there who have spent thousands on training themselves and they cannot get a job ! I feel for these people very much and I would like to know what there thoughts are like on the lucky guys who are the real thing and all they do is give off ! I know life is not fair but the airlines pilots who complain the most must have gotten their jobs really handy and probably had rich dadies to support through Training ! I know pilots are being treated badly by some airliines but its there fault that they let themselves be treated this way because they were let be pushed around ! Its the likes of Micheal O' Leary who is having the last laugh these days ! The way I see it is you need 3 things to get a job as an airline pilot and they are MONEY, DETERMINATION & LUCK.

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