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Two new bases?

Do we know if these are in the UK or mainland Europe?

The most noticeable lack of orange in the UK is of course BHX & MAN, are either of these in the frame now or likely to be in the future?

Both do not have any real major FR presence and in BHX's case probably
never will going by the previous spats.

Both have been accused of not being LCC friendly in respect of charges
(rightly or wrongly?) but surely for both airports it would be a major coup.

I know Liverpool serves the North West for Easyjet but the Midlands is a
different story. The EMA base was inherited from Go and although there
has been some tinkering on the whole Easy have not done much recently.

From the outside (don't work in the industry) it appears that in BHX's case
it is lack of flexibility with charges (or upsetting BA etc) could be the reason or is it simply a case that Easy are just not interested?

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