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The clips at PNGAIR are taken from a video the Commonwealth Film Archives sent to my cousin with the original reels my uncle took before the war.
With a couple of conversions to get the footage into my computer, to work on some sort of stories, there was a loss of resolution which was pretty sad to start with.
The original is hundreds of two to twenty second quick clips taken over two years.
I collected disjointed clips into some semblance of order, so you'll see the wrong type of wing in some aerial shots from the aircraft type that taxis.
My uncle flew Junkers F13s, W34s, G31s, Ford Trimotors and Gypsie moth whilly nilly in that time. He was killed in a Guinea Airways Lockheed 14 crash near Darwin in 1942. Would have been either kicked up into the Flight Department to shut him up, or been high up in the Federation if he lived, as he was a bit of a stirrer.
I'm going to drive to my cousin's place (6 hrs) and pick up the original 16 MM reels and bring them back to Bris to have them converted from 16 MM straight to DVD and re-do them in a hi resolution. They should be considerably better then and hopefully download faster.
I'm busy at the moment with planning a "barnstorming trip" from Sydney to Perth in a DC-3 a couple of cousins are buying and will operate from Perth.
We decided to drop in at a number of country towns to give the locals a look at a DC-3 and a ride if there's enough interest, rather than sit up there droning all day to Ceduna and then Perth the next day.
CASA is having fun with the transfer of ownership and a departure date keeps moving along a few weeks at a time.
The aircraft was East West's flagship EWA then EWF. Ken Jarrold showed me his logbook where he flew it out of Moresby when it replaced one of the Patair 3s when it was doing a major for a couple of weeks.
I also am re scanning the black and white photos that are on a PNGAIR and couple of other sites with a better scanner and will have them available... one day.
Did you get those discs I posted you SHARPIE??
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