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Dan Winterland
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Bought my first 22 incher in 1987 for $35 at a labor (sic) day sale. Replaced it in 1998 with a new one and gave the old one to the inlaws. Both look the same and both are going well. Also bought the smaller Smokey Joe which now has a bit of rust on the bottom and also kills any grass underneath it.

All were bought back to the UK in a VC10!

However, I'm ashamed to say that I have now bought a gay gas model. This is because I now live in the Far East where the local charcoal doesn't light at all or burns to white dust in 10 seconds flat. (I mention just to desperately justify my purchase!). However, the results aren't as good as a Weber, it burns the food too easily and it doesn't taste the same. Perhaps this is due to the fact that despite having bought it in China, I later discovered it was made in Kidderminster!

Hey BEagle. I remember the 8 weber States trainer. My second Weber was one of those 8! And the minuteman silo was purchased by an ex shopping command Nav who tried to explain to his Mrs how they were going to cook the Christmas turkey in it!!!!
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