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Gas is bloody cheating!

Man - make fire, kill dinosaur, cook same! Drink beer. Woman do salady stuff!

Once ran out of the approved firelighters and that squirty gunge which is supposed to help the coals to light...

Hmm, thought I. What do I have in the garage which might work? Ah-ha - a jamjar full of 100LL left over from the daily water sample at the flying club. A little of that should work, so pour it on.... But can be explosive, so let it soak into the bricquettes. Small snag - how to light it? Spot bottle of industrial spirit....a little of that should do the trick! Wrap bit of paper towel around end of garden rake, light towel and wave hopefully over coals from a safe distance......


Yes, well top marks for ingenuity, that got the coals going. NOT to be recommended though!
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