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My beautiful Weber!

In these times of excess frivolity, not taking it seriously, ridiculing the system (JPA etc), I thought a little dose of good old fashioned, spirited military banter might be in order ...............


I bought my Weber home from Florida in 1992 and it's still going great (no I'm not a pikey and yes I could afford another one if I really wanted to) and I'm desperate to know how many others out there have the same feelings of joy when it gets rolled out of the shed (a bit like a fat WAAF - oops!).

I'd love to know who of you have a Weber in great condition, that has survived the storms, the drunken saturday afternoons (enjoy your alcohol responsibly) and maybe has a tale or two of its own to tell. To qualify, it (you can submit it's name if necessary) must be a three wheeled 22.5 inch kettle BBQ and must have been used .... yes, and maybe abused .... in a temperate climate, so none of your stories from hot places saying 'mine has no rust' (Charlie Luncher).

For the record, my old girl has more than a few knocks and bruises, the spot welds on the top handle are about to expire and the sockets where the legs attach (oo-er missus) have seen better days. On a positive note, her red enamel finish is still gorgeous, and she cooks a mean burger (shame about the dusting, ironing and balancing the cheque book!)

Go on, you know you want to, tell us a story, I'm a doctor etc .........

Here's one for starters - Beags, using your powers of deductive reasoning, how many wheeled 22.5 inch kettle BBQs do you reckon the VC10 fleet has bought home from places overseas??


(To coin a phrase - all typing incidents are alcohol induced)
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