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Hello All
I've had a couple of miss-haps meself during EFT on my Uni Air Sqd on the Tutor.
The first was during my circuit consolidation, when I was performing a few glider circuits. Having landed perfectly, I smoothly applied full power, waited for 60 kts, eased back the stick...AND NOTHING HAPPENED. Trundling down the ever-decreasing runway, I kept scanning the controls for a fault, exept there wasnt one. I considered aborting the roller landing when I realised in terror that the RPM lever was still selected to low. As I slammed it back to high, the prop shuddered and the plane literally leapt into the air (a good thing, considering there were tall trees towards the opposite threshold).
Having been told repeatedly NEVER to remove my hand from the RPM lever once the prop had been hand had slipped naturally back onto the throttle, where it stayed until I realised with terror what I had done on the rollout.
Other than the above, I did have a PIO once that shook up my instructor in the tower as much as it did me. Despite recovering properly and going around, before the training kicked in I had a serious 'urge' to let the aircraft settle back onto the ground, much like another student did a year before (though he ended up with a prop strike and a damaged engine cowling).
I remember that at the same airfield, I had seen someone actually land on the wrong runway (boy did she get a bollocking later) as well as hearing about some poor lass who got stuck in the mud on her first solo (having not properly applied the parking brake during the engine run-up). Embaressingly for her, I believe a tractor was called in to drag out the plane...
All for now
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