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I never thought It would come to this, but finally I feel I have to respond to a thread. Guys, stop hiding behind the 'it's only banter/ keep the pacifists out' line, you're making all us Herc guys look stupid. Most people don't normally need a reason to slag us off, stop making their lives easy for them.


1. The same arguments go around and around....We (I'm a long time K guy) slagged the J 2001/2 when we were doing all the Afghan stuff and all the J did was win a Queen's award for flying into a Pakistani holiday resort.

2. The real problem with the K isn't serviceability, but DAS ac. Give us more and we'll do more, until then the darkside will always get first call. Unfortunately this isn't going to change, sorry J guys, but deal with it.

3. The K is manned 1.7/1. As there has usually been at least 3 Ks deployed around the world since the war then we're not too far behind. On both sides af the airfield there are plenty of people doing too much time away. On the K it is just a smaller bunch all round.

4. 16 blades, chill out big guy. The more you bite the more it looks like there is something to hide, let it go.

5. There are w**kers/whingers on both sides, the rest of us just have to deal with that fact of life.
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