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Im sorry 16 blades you are so mistaken on most things...

Its true you guys do dets... i remember half a dozen of you guys last year supporting the 'j' on yet another det in and out of Pakistan that the 'j' was doing - BUT THERE WERE NO K AIRCRAFT - nice role done as ops support though.

At that same time we had at least six crews deployed in Iraq, with commitments elsewhere too.

You still do the Falklands. Well done.

As for serviceabililty.... Engineering say at best you will have 4 frames for Afganistan, but that is if a miracle happens. We have crews and aircraft on standby.

As for your TCAS, come and look at the 'j' TCAS and compare, and whilst you are there look at our nav kit , HUD and everything else that is MODERN..and notice that there isn't a stink of p*ss in the corner too...

I have several friends on the 'k' who are caught up in doing lots of triv, secondary duties, but more importantly that want to leave either to come to the j or to get away from the boredom.

As for everyone wanting to leave, that is an AT wide problem due to the amount of tasking/time away/crap that we are doing (that doesnt include you)
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