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Originally Posted by bob55
Who says we will only have 40 operational units? F18s are about as common as 737s these days, we can easily 'borrow' a few to tie us over.
I thought the 40 aircraft F18 fleet were the numbers government were working with post F111 retirement. 40 aircraft! Further JSF delays - and possible British withdrawl - aswell as yesterdays decision not to equip Orions with the same long range missile as the F18's, puts a huge burden on a reduced strength RAAF.

If JSF delayed, where will respectable models of F18's come from? Won't the marines & navy be short of fighters too? Unsuitable, early model Canadian F18's in warm storage, perhaps, all that is available.

The Boeing F15E lease-deal, expensive at the time, but cheap and low risk in the long run. All in the context that we have the biggest mouth in the region.

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