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now I am not being funny just asking, and I havent checked my figures but:

how does the MAUW weight work with these range extenders ?

A R44 Raven for example MAUW is I believe 2400lbs
typical APS weight maybe 1500lbs for a light one (I know they vary a lot)
2 blokes typical 360lbs, but lets be generous say 300lbs.
range extender fuel 7.5 hours x 15USG PH x 6lbs USG = 675lbs (ball park)
1500+300+675 and with no luggage or anything else.

I make that 2475lbs being generous, is there a clearance to fly over 2400lbs with one fitted from the CAA or other authority for a private flight or is there some weight you can lose, how do people do the math to make it work or do they just not bother?


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