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Camp Freddie :
didnt they also lose one in water near antartica with a range extender and then refuse to cooperate with the AAIB about the amount of fuel carried on board yada yada yada !

There is an STC'd range extender for R44 which will give up to 7 hrs duration. And yes - contact Heli Air Denham if you want more detail.

There were two successful RTW missions and two successful Pole landings. RTW 1 one R44 with 2 pilots, RTW 2 was 2 R44s with a pilot each. Both pilots were Jennifer Murray and Quentin Smith.

The Bell incident was a South Pole attempt by Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill which failed with a white-out incident.

The successful North and South Pole landings were in an R44 piloted by Steve Brookes and Quentin Smith. G-NUDE for North, and Steve's "N" 44 for South

One South Pole attempt ended with a ditching after a gradual loss of power. G-NUDE carried the evidence to the bottom.
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