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"We all work to the same cargo tariff rule book."

It's a commodity market, mate. If there IS a tariff rule book, no-one's used it since the early 70's (in the UK, at least).

What the major European carriers are probably doing (either independently or in cooperation) is defining a floor price - if the US belly mob and other intellectually-challenged carriers (AZ and their ilk) want to flog their limited capacity at below cost, then let them get on with it.
It's pretty much like comparing stuff that's fallen off a lorry with a RRP. What's the true market price? As long as the bloke in the pub car park has got stuff to sell, that's the market price. As soon as he's sold out, it's the cheapest regular retailer. Unless you place value on service, reliability and guarantee, of course, in which case you stay in the High St in the first place....

Price-dumping might be a more fruitful area of investigation for the EU and their US mates....

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