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Perhaps it wasn't possible to pull over safely and let the van pass, bjcc.

I'd have thought that if the police driver were responding to a legitimate emergency, he'd at least give the vehicle in front a couple of flashes of his main beam to indicate his presence and requirement to pass. Doing so is hardly likely to alert the potential crooks at the petrol station from what sounds like anything up to a mile away now is it? Same goes for a quick spin of the blues.

You know, I rather rate most police drivers. I've seen many good examples of driving by them and by comparison only one chuck it away stupidly and spectacularly (in a less than month old Omega much to his pain I imagine) and only once nearly been hit by one due to blatant excessive speed through a blind bend.
What I really don't understand is why those who champion the police tirelessly seem completely blinkered to the fact that they are just as likely to display utterly abysmal roadcraft as any other road user on occasion. It happens, fact. Get over it. Why the need for all the 'what ifs' and 'it can't be true' nonsense? At time police drivers, in police vehicles, drive like idiots. They are not immune to the phenomenon of momentary idiocy. A case in point being the WPC driving the unmarked yet entirely obvious Astra in walking pace traffic, whilst holding her phone clamped to her ear, attempting to move across, without signalling, into a left turn lane from the adjacent straight on lane at a juction where the road layout had been changed months previously and had a sequence of 9 foot long arrows well in advance of the lane split to remind people to move to the appropriate lane in good time, and blatantly failing to adjust her maneouver in spite of the fact that the point at which her bonnet was entering the lane at a fairly acute angle was filled with my drivers door. I mean, it's really something when you have to sound your horn to warn drivers, occasionally even police drivers, who are behind you of their proximity to a collision with yourself. Actually then, best make that nearly hit by two.

Get real, chaps. We all get it wrong or do silly things sometimes. Blue lights on the roof don't make it impossible.

Was the petrol station one that sells coffee and hot snacks, maybe doughnuts, by chance, eal?

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