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Onan the Clumsy

Another thing you have to think of what happens if the fuse suppplying the kit goes u/s on the way to an incident. Should the driver not proceed with due haste without the use of the kit?

No, he should stop. It's ok saying there was a blag at the local GPO, but (1) there'll be other units covering it and (2) how ironic it would be to race silently to the scene, only to find it had ended peacefully except that on the way you broadsided someone's granny and killed them"

Obviously never been in an emergency vehicle, doesn't matter that you have everything lit up, and everything making a noise going, you can garentee that every few days someone will walk out/pull out or do something daft in front of you because they haven't looked.

Why, if his 'antics' were so dangerous, did you not just pull over and let it pass.

Cos that'd be aiding and abetting "

Aiding and abetting what?

If the other vehicle is causing danger, would the sensible option not be to get out of the way, let it pass?
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