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Failure to make proper progress. You're lucky you didn't get pulled and breathalysed.
BTW, this van wasn't by any chance 'blowing his horn' and flashing blue lights at you?

It might be worth calling in and asking to speak to the head of Traffic - not as a complaint, you understand, but as 'information'. Make it clear that you won't take it any further (this time), and hope that such never happens again. Probably an 'enthusiastic' young bobby feeling 'important'.
DON'T get fobbed-off by the desk sergeant, insist on speaking face to face with the head of traffic (and check his credentials - you don't want to talk with a stooge). Don't reveal what your 'complaint' is, and if they say it isn't possible, write to 'Head of Traffic' and suggest an informal meeting (WRT safety) but don't declare your hand until you get him (or her) in front of you. A formal complaint would never succeed (your word against the dozen in the van!), and only make you a target of the 'lower' orders.

Oh! - and WRITE down a full account of the series of incidents as you remember it as soon as possible (to show the fuzz that you have your facts right and that you consider the incident(s) to be serious, and not just a moan against the boys in blue for being 'beyond the law').

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