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Don't drink and eBay

To start this thread it must be said that drinking to excess can be bad for your health...........and your wallet

I got a bit carried away with my duty free whisky last night. Sitting on the couch in front of the fire with my laptop (Mrs J had fallen asleep watching CSI-Bratislava or something like that), happily exploring the treasure trove that is eBay. Not a care in the world it seems.

Wake up this morning, a little fuzzy in the head and check my email..........oh dear. 2 of the auctions I am now bidding on are crap, and if I don't get outbid on them I'll be pissed off (do I really need that for my car? I don't think so, but it must have been a good idea at the time ). The third, well I know I'm gonna win it cause nobody else would be that fricken stupid to bid for it in the first place and there's no way I'll be able to resell it.

Maybe I should fit my computer with a breathaliser!?
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