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Must admit not heard anything about it -

Although in the great scheme of things it is a small amount of money per month, it seems quite a sneaky way of doing things considering the pay deal has not long been published.... surely this should have been mentioned in the deal??

I can't believe that it has just been mooted in the past week - it has taken 2 years to sort the pay deal out and even then it has been put to us late.

Or is this the first time that management have been able to make a descisive descision without far**ng about for months on end?? Knowing the capabilities of our management - I doubt it; This idea must have been floating around for ages, whilst the pay negotiations were happening.

It seems like a case of the management going behind our backs.

why should the company subsidise those who choose to live a long way away?

Is this a case of "I don't get it, why should you??" - (merely playing the Devils Advocate with that comment). It is a payment we are told about in T&Cs - if people choose to live close to work, then good luck to them.... I for one will choose not to live too close when I move to Swanwick - the house prices are going to increase with such an influx - why should I get less house for my money just to live close??

Yes it is all about personal choices, but thats not the point.

Yes, it can be withdrawn with 6 months notice - so why be so underhand??
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