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Aviation language

I haven't read all the replies to this thread, but I get the drift. I can't think of any reason why all forums shouldn't be in english - that's the common language for professional pilots!

It makes me sick to fly in countries where communication between pilots and ATC (except maybe GA) are in local tounge. I have told my IFALPA rep to address this at their posh conventions, instead of all the political BS that goes on just to please everyone. It IS A SERIOUS threat to safety!

Places like e.g. Spain, France,Greece and most of Latin America are perfect examples of countries showing a total disrespect for aviation safety - their ATC and most of their local pilots are unprofessional (more consumed with the status of their jobs than anything else)! To all of you that understand what I'm writing and feel irritated by my post - know that I am fluent in French and Spanish + a few more languages. I am pleased if I manage to offend anyone.

I have covered most of the world as a pilot, and I must give credit to ATC and pilots in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Sometimes it is the countries with the least resources where you'll find the most proffesional team players in our profession.

I gather most readers will agree with me. To those of you not - don't reply, instead put your effort into a Berlitz course or other language training. Have a nice day!
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