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Thanks so much Rainboe and gooneydog for clarifying that!
Well, at least I know I am reasonably good at understanding charts at least! I used to be looking at them but really not using them until I started flying online on VATSIM doing IFR procedures (for real, or as real as it gets in FS2004 in any case) so I am much less confused ... and in fact getting to be quite knowledgeable about charts...but still have lots to learn.

I think the obvious question would also be - how is the approach from SLM (Lucia One) VOR with the teardrop crossing MEX VOR? Is doing a longer teardrop pattern very tight with the mountains (obstacles) around Mexico City or is this longer but less nerve-racking than the Mateo approach? My guess is it may be less tight because you have more time to prepare and align with your runway and to descend to the correct approach/landing altitude.