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There's nothing much wrong with Preveza, just a bit small that's all. You can usually get under the temporary awning before sunstroke hits you in the queue to check in Once you've done that, wander back down the road to the bar to watch the planes arrive, when you see your's land there is just time for another beer
Bangalore is not too bad either. Beats the old charter terminal at Athens. That was grim. B***** all to eat or drink, coppers kicking anyone lying or sitting on the floor, assuming there was enough space. Then the pleasure of being herded through security into the departures "lounge" with fewer comforts and more pax.
Possibly my biggest hate is Gatwick North Terminal. Seen it too many times. A particular pleasure is Immigration where the number of staff is inversely proportional to the number of flights arriving; which is presumably why they had to put up those notices warning of the consequences of punching the surly civil servant behind the desk.
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