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Re: Jobs in other EU states for multi-lingual low hours pilots?

Hi king rooney

My experience is 3 years flying Islanders around the islands. Most places will take you with 500 TT, 250 ME. Having a CAA/JAA licence makes the conversion to British Caribbean licence much easier as you have done all the exams. The Directorate of Civil Aviation, Antigua will issue you with a DCA CPL complete with shoelace holding it together and photograph (means you can use it as a legal document to enter countries i.e. islands without having your passport on you, just like to old UK licences but I digress). The DCA is responsible for the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean.

You will probably have to do a type rating on the Islander. Sounds silly I know but they're a bit behind, using Air Navigation Order (Overseas Territories).

The best way to get noticed is to go there, start at the top of the chain and work your way down thumbing lifts with the local carriers (anybody, scheduled and charter) who will usually give you a free ride if you ask nicely, wear a pilot uniform with some bars, show your licence and be patient. Then go and see every company along the way, drop your details and keep in touch while enjoying the sunshine and rum. Learn to talk your way into and out of every conceivable situation and be prepared to see things that just don't happen in the real world. If you can do all that you'll have a great time and few STDs.

In a nutshell......
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