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Re: If you were PM for a day...

Whirlybird - The words 'Leather' and 'Chav' would never be used together. Wear the jacket & no-one will question it!
Anyway - my PM actions:
1) All supermarket aisles made into Urban Clearways so no-one can stand and block the way while yakking to their neighbour. Instant fine of 1000 for any offender
2) Incentives for all companies to retain good staff over the age of 55 so that youngsters had a body of good common sense and experience to learn properly from.
3) All 'New' universities revoked, and youngsters encouraged to learn proper trades instead of doing Media Studies (see (2) above)
4) Double number of traffic police to catch silly b*****rs on roads instead of using more cameras. Give them instant powers to impound car of miscreant and make them walk home barefoot.
5) Revoke TV company licences so that they are not allowed to broadcast Breakfast or Day-Time TV. Also no Reality TV shows.
6) New law to ensure daily newspapers delivered before breakfast and not just as you are walking out of the door on your way to work.
I hope that all can see that these are common sense policies and not the ramblings of some grumpy old git!
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