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Re: Mornington Crescent

Well, Jordan, you're busted, me old mate. The first, unabridged, and now rather dusty copy of the rules of MC, dated 1st April 1878 state that no person under the age of 35 may be held in office with responsibility for possession of the rule book (even if they do share a name with a Middle Eastern country). This book is still held in the Library at Windsor Castle, having survived teh great fire after Prince Phillip, hair smouldering, ran into the library wearing nought but his silk undergarments (gents or ladies' I couldn't hazard a guess) and carried it out in his purse.

The abridged version doesn't mention this rule but does refer the reader always to return to the unabridged version. Page 3, para.2 line 3 lays out this rule. So the question, Mr. D, is who are you? Really, we mean? You're not the strange Scandinavian lady with the purple pants who streaked at the 1998 championship, are you?

Nonetheless, I will make a play Swiss Cottage, until this matter is clarified.
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