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Re: Worst airport you have ever been through (as PAX)


Yes, I sampled Kathmandu's domestic terminal as well. Truly revolting toilets and the waiting area very crowded. When we were released to take the bus out to the aircraft it was a blessing. As I was on my way to Lukla to go trekking, I'd been drinking alot to help acclimatize so when we then had to wait for about two hours before we took off, it got rather uncomfortable (no bogs on the Twotter). Several people got off and went for a leak in a ditch by the perimeter fence. There was a small crowd of dodgy blokes on the other side for whom the sight of westerners taking a piss was obviously daily entertainment. One girl confessed that it was a toss up between going in front of an audience or wetting herself. She chose the former. Many thanks to Kathmandu airport and Lumbini Airways "Your friend in sky!"
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