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I met Ray for the first time in 2002, when he, Nigel, Lee, Keith and Alistair flew in the Breitling Fighters to EHSE. This was some weekend!

My son Rick (11 years old at that time), already (genetically, I suppose) interested in aircraft, was introduced by Ray to the P40 (the photo is in this thread) and all the other Breitling Fighter aircraft, despite his busy schedule. After this weekend, Rick never stopped talking about flying himself, the Breitling Fighters and Ray Hanna.

This year, he fullfilled his dream and started flying gliders on EHWO in February, progressing to his solo on September 18th.
Ray, I thank you for the time you spent with Rick!

I met Ray several times after that weekend, and he always recognised and greeted us with his warmth. The last two times this year, on Duxford during the Flying Legends and on EHGG (Groningen, Netherlands) during the airshow, he was, as always, full of life.

I will remember Ray fondly, his piloting skills, wit and humour. Above all, his personality struck me as being modest, approachable and full of interest in other people.

Blue skies Ray, fly on forever....

Willem Braat
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