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Sept 3rd 1989

September 3rd 1989, EGMC, 17:30 Local time;

I had just completed my GFT & was on base leg for 06 when I heard those magic words spoken by that magic voice - "Spitfire for run & break" - anxious not to spoil the show I offered to clear the approach but I was cleared to land as No 1.
I continued and just after turning off the active I heard and saw the most amazing sight that has never been bettered for me -
it was Ray I'm sure in MH434 at approx' 50 feet above on his run & break - excellent !!!
I have taken it as a personal inspiration ever since !!

Ray, I salute you, you are an Aviation legend now and for ever more.
I met you once and you were everything that I previously had perceived:- polite, knowledgeable and above all else fun. Wonderful, irreplaceable, intelligent, caring and very approachable all spring to mind but words alone cannot convey the whole person.

That such a life was possible and lived to the full is an inspiration to us all !!

Mark was exactly the same ilk in my experience and an honour to be associated with.

God speed Ray and Mark - Heaven will have to re-write the op's manual now that you're together again.
Take care - you'll never ever be forgotten.
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