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Riverboat and the others with recent logical, lucid and respectful comments.

You're going to have to put up with how it is. The forum eats up valuable resources - including mods time, each of whom I view as having far more important functions elsewhere on the site for our core audience.

The brutal but honest truth is that we subsidise this site to a vast extent with our time and money. A huge proportion of the content on this forum doesn't interest us in the slightest and is simply outside the bounds of what we see the site as being for.

If this appears patronising and dismissive - it is. This forum is inane and numbingly parochial much of the time. This is PPRuNe and you are hanging on the coat tails of of a site firmly targetted at working professionals in international aviation. Professionals past, present and future who work with licences and validiations. Pilots, ATC, Airside Ops and engineers. That's it. That's who we do it for. That's where we chose to put our time, effort and money.

If you find the foregoing offensive consider this. We have never advertised. We have never issued a press release. We have never contacted you. Nothing in the ten years of our existence has been done to bring you to the site - you found us and not the other way around.

For good or for bad it is our site. We thrive or fail by our efforts and vision for the site. You will have to live with our loathing of the willy waving, internecine tosh propagated here. This forum and a couple of others gives a voice to those who are not within our core audience. To depersonalise things: JetBlast is the prime example - the majority of posters attracted here for some reason but not actually aviation professionals. However, they're fascinated by the site and drift to areas where they feel they can 'contribute.'

If you wish to offer thoughts, experience and opinion that's fine. The mods will delete puff pieces, press releases and pathetic regional rivalries. They will bar those simply cutting and pasting as well as those permanently acting as a voluntary PR flack for farting little UK airports or airlines.

This forum was set up soley to get the excited landsiders 'news' off R+N and ( at the time) Aircrew Notices. It was done on a whim in ten minutes one night and in exasperation to preserve a decent signal to noise ratio on our most important forums. That is the complete, unvarnished truth of it.

This is the second time I've written on this subject. It's our way or set up your own site. The mods such as Pop have done the patient, diplomatic thing time after time and it's over. His counsel and experience (He's managed three airlines - that's postholder, MD level not VP Bread Rolls Europe) hasn't cut it with you guys so now you are simply being told by me.

Please don't waste your time with counter arguments whether patient and thoughtful or simply angry. The forum is viewed as parochial and immature by our worldwide readership. We either up the level of contributions and debate so as to attract more international discussion or the forum goes.

Rob Lloyd
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