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Hi crm297

I am also attending the selection day on the 6th December and I am in the same boat as yourself having a wife and a 6-month old baby.

We have decided that if I make it through (fingers crossed ) we will sell/rent out the house and my wife and son will move back in with her mother while I am in NZ. Harsh perhaps but I believe it is the practical solution.

There is a lot of study involved. When you're not flying you are face first in the text books. How much time do you think you will be able to devote to your partner?

Remember that this will also be a strange country for your partner and that she will have no friends to socialise with. Its only 9 months. A very short time considering what you will be gaining from the course.

In my opinion, bite the bullet and go without your partner. There is always the telephone and MSNM. I'm sure that if you are as motivated towards wanting to be a pilot as much as myself you will realise that it is really a small price to pay for a lifetime of "living the dream"

Hope this helps.

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