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A chaffinch? A chaffinch! Wot kind of poncy southern bird is a chaffinch exactly? And wot exactly is a bluetit? The sparrers from where I was dragged up would beat the sh1t out of any tit or other colourful bird, for being frivolous and degenerate. And nicking the milk.

Real birds are drab, and descend on toast chucked in the yard mob-handed, and generally squabble, bicker and beat the sh1t out of each other. Now yer chaffinches and tits're hardly in that vein, are they? Softy southern birds, they are.

Probably some dead 'ard northern sparrers moved in. Look for peregrine falcons cringing in fear, and cats refusing to go out for a wee-wee. And an unexplained surge in the deaths of old people, bless 'em.

Hope that helps.

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