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See what you've started BOSSCAT.
Seriously, if you have a few pennies available to start a new career in helicopters, either become an avionics engineer (they are looked after), or go to a place that offers good value for money for flying training.
With the market today being as international as it is, I would get a reputable U.S. or Canadian company to train you. They are half the price that you would pay over here, and then you would most likely be offered a job as instructor (another debate), and of course a holiday at the same time.
Licensed to fly an N- reg or C- reg aircraft is you knocking on the door world-wide, and a conversion to a U.K. license isn't too traumatic. In times of stress the North Sea Helicopter companies will even do that for you.
Also, as a structural engineer from Glasgow, maybe you could help Eurocopter to build their next machine from good old steel girders instead of plastic.