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-Cabin chief thinks he/she is in charge of the flt and is encouraged in this belief wholeheartedly by company.

Whats all that about? I don't get you? As an SCCM I have never once operated a flight with this belief. Bit of a gross genrelisation one thinks.

-An ex-capt told me that he heard cabin crew use service int to discuss just what they were going to say in their report on the Capt after the flt.Who do these people think they are?If somebody did that to me I make a PA"Sorry,ladies and gents,I get out here...cabin crew are in charge,they'll be taking you to xyz"
If the cabin crew really did think a report was required for what ever reason, then so be it. I guess making the PA you suggested would be one of those things that would just be added to such a report! Bit silly of them to discuss this over the service interphone though.
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