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Stories I have heard:

-flt int is open all the time so you can hear the LBA trng capt chewing his gum for the 2 hr flt down to BCn

-An ex-capt told me that he heard cabin crew use service int to discuss just what they were going to say in their report on the Capt after the flt.Who do these people think they are?If somebody did that to me I make a PA"Sorry,ladies and gents,I get out here...cabin crew are in charge,they'll be taking you to xyz"

-Cabin chief thinks he/she is in charge of the flt and is encouraged in this belief wholeheartedly by company.

-CEO is very weird-carries clipboard onto flts and makes notes-hangs around during crew briefing and makes suggestions as to how to behave.

-FO's cant fly-call 400' on a no FD departure and look non-plussed when you say nothing-dont know what cws is,in fact never seen it used-"whats that?what does it do?'-some fool told them you cant use V/S,that its somehow dangerous-if they dont see the magical VNAV PTH annunciation,they think its dangerous,outside SOP,must be unsafe-take speedbrake when the FMC says drag reqd-no thought just blind procedure-they get panicky going into busy places like AMS where they ask for high ROD and tight turns-if you take flap 5,it never occurs to thm to maintain 220 to get the higher rod-why?because somebody tell them its unsafe,against SOP!cant fly visual approaches manually -only ILS approaches using FD and AP-again all encouraged by trng-no wonder the contract guys make up their own thing-

-these same FO's that can barely fly a F27,let alone a 737,are nice and quick to sneak reports into the CP down at Bournemouth-this CP then has the nasty habit of calling said capt down for an interview BUT NOT the little sneak who made the report-if youve got something to say,say it out loud and clear and to someones face-

-F27 Capt,now 737 copilot with grand total of 50 hrs says to capt on 6 mile final "You know your gear isnt down?"-never heard of noise abate app?NO..they intercept GS at 3k,gear down flap 15 at 10 miles just like sim-open your mouth when you know what you're saying,otherwise button it tight.

dedicated to the contract pilots of the world.
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