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Thread Practices and Philosophy

As most would be aware, to run a web search is a lengthy, involved, and often frustrating process for many people - the ability to shortcircuit that process in a complementary way and get to basic serious information is, we think, worth the effort on our part of setting upsjap, a "useful" URL listing.

We will add URLs as they come to note.

It is not intended that we try to emulate the standard search engines which remain your basic resource for this sort of material. Rather we intend to end up with a list of good quality URLs which provide a sound starting point for researching a given subject ... quality, not quantity, is to be the catchcry.

In addition, please consider running searches within PPRuNe as many old threads have very useful data.

When it comes to searches, there are system considerations which can present problems. One which gives regular trouble relates to there being a limit to the number of hits returned (around 200, I think, and if I see the correct number again, I'll provide it). This means that, if the hit list is too long, it is truncated. The fix is to be smarter in the search definitions to reduce the size of the data set .. a bit of trial and error will see you right on this one. I recall when I first found out about this ... a couple of threads I had "lost" suddenly were found following judicious refinements to my specific search criteria.

Please do add a post with any useful sites which you find from time to time.

The only thing we ask is that before doing so you have a good look at the site's content and ask yourself the following questions

(a) does the information principally relate to aviation technical material likely to be of use and interest to a reasonable number of PPRuNe members. Be aware that the link to aviation need only be VERY tenuous if the information is otherwise likely to be of interest to PPRuNe folk ...

(b) is the material of good quality and does the information appear to be reasonably authoritative. It is not intended that URLs be 'academic' in nature but rather that the information is sound and of pertinent value to members' interests.

Please keep in mind that our people vary from the newer members of the Industry through to rigorous academic technical personnel including more than a few people with PhDs (FYI - at least two Moderators on the site hold doctorates), at least one University Professor, and the like.

We would like to think that we can offer something of interest to the entire range of people who use PPRuNe. The intent, however, is to keep the listing to those sites which are reasonably subject serious lest the thread become so unwieldy as to be too difficult for people to bother using.

(c) does the site have any, or have links to any, inappropriate material - especially from the viewpoint of material lacking in good taste. Clearly such things would not be appropriate for this forum to appear to endorse.

(d) the site should have not more than a minimal amount of material or links which could be considered to be advertising. If you consider the site to be of exceptionally good value but it does have significant advertising, then please indicate this.

If you access a link suggested by another member's post before the link is included in the main post and you wish to second the recommendation, please do make an appropriate supporting post. Clearly, such secondary endorsement of recommendations will assist the Moderators in their review process. If you have any other suggestions for the thread please raise these in a post.

As with the Safety Forum protocol, posts will be actioned and then deleted to keep the thing under control.

Moderators, as their workload permits, will make a brief review of recommended sites and a decision regarding listing will be made. It is important that members be aware that site material will not be peer-reviewed and may contain material which is not rigorously correct in technical fact.

Sometimes recommended links will be faulty and, after several attempts to hyperlink, will be discarded. If you were the recommender, please advise if you know of any newer link for the item.

Any use made of listed URLs is at the risk of members and PPRuNe neither endorses nor makes any warranty as to the accuracy or suitability to purpose of any link or material contained in a webpage related to a link.

Should you find subsequently that the list contains URLs

(a) with inappropriate areas or links

(b) which are no longer valid or useful

we would appreciate a post to draw our attention to the matter. Do keep in mind that the apparent failure of a link may be due to a server outage or some other net problem so it is a good idea to retry an apparently failed link at a later time.

In the case of defunct or relocated URLs, please

(a) indicate clearly which entry is the subject of your observation - I have to find it, remember ..

(b) indicate the new URL, if appropriate.

We have no intention to tread on copyright or other sensitivities and, should any site owner not wish to have a link included here, please post accordingly or email the Moderators.

As the thread has grown without too much in the way of preflight planning, there will be things in it which could be done in a better way or links located in a more appropriate Index position. Please feel free to suggest changes to the Index and specific location of links as you feel the need ..

The Moderators, quite obviously, will have no hesitation in co-opting any useful site which we see in our net wanderings ....

Consistent with workload, listings periodically will be sorted to make their use a little easier. Where suggested URLs are incorporated, credit for the poster's effort is recorded below.

best regards,

The Tech Log Moderators

User Notes

File downloads usually involve a little bit more than just clicking on a link. For IE, for instance, try right clicking and selecting Save Target As ...

Separate posts with too much detail for inclusion in the summary list -

Search guidance - #8 - OverRun
Saving links to a Mac - #9 - compressor stall
Google Search + operator - #10 - mross

Acknowledgement of members who have taken the time to suggest additional sites, etc ... with the Moderators' thanks.

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..... plus all those good folk whose links in various other forum threads we've pinched over the time that this thread has been in existence ......
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