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Bula Vinaka

Thatís great to hear Blue,

I guess that you must have been one of the good ones then.

If you re-read my initial post, I did say 'some of these racist Pilots'. I was not referring to all of them.

Sadly though, there are too many rants in Fiji, from all ends of the spectrum. This you will have to agree with. Please tell me how local Indian folk would differ from an expat?

I see that you are now out of the Fiji; you now have a different perspective of life as an expat. This is what I am trying to get across. I wish some of these racist Pilots went and lived out of the comfort of their own home for awhile, instead of being spoon fed, just for being a local. Understand. Then they would stop their whinging, and realise, that boundaries and countries are really prehistoric lines in the sand, established for self-gratification. We are all humans and should be treated accordingly. To many cold hearted people in this world. And NO I am NOT racist and in fact far from it. I have much life experience and many years of observation on the front line. I give respect to people that deserve respect. I just cant stand people with heavily inflated ego's, all fake and misleading!!

True, you give then receive! But what if you give and give and donít receive. Im not the type of person that whispers sweet nothings just to be accepted. If I wanted to be like that, id rather do it in Hollywood...Not Fiji thank you very much!!

Even some of your brighter locals will agree with what I have to say too. Instead of turning a blind eye to what really is going on, accept the fact that this really does happen and things are just like I said. If you break free from your inhibitions, you will broaden your mind. Dont just take my word for it.

Could it also be more and more Air Pac pilots are leaving because they cant stand being butchered by expat DEC and DEFO's??

Goodluck anyway.

Whats the difference FF,

Who is working there on a Work Permit anyway????

Im sorry Flying Fijian,

How many Fijians working in Australia. Surely you have relatives living down here, made a life in Australia, or at least know somebody that does???????????????????????


How many Australians legally working in Fiji.????????????

Not hard to do the math mate. If you want to approach it from that angle. You sound just like one of the ones Im talking about!!
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