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With so many of the pilots now being civilian trained and already having put a minimum of US$50,000 on the line to start. More in the UK. I was just wondering where a journalist thinks people are going to find more for a 212/412 transition.

Even an ex-military pilot is going to have to pay about $10,000 to transition to a Commercial licence in the UK.

I could understand a contract requiring you to stay at a company for a year in exchange for a transition but to go get one with the possibility of a job ahead seems taking the job hunt to a whole new pay scale.

Just wondering where Pac Rotors believes the new pilots to the industry are going to find this kind of money in the future after spending a year sweeping the hangers, a year instructing on below $1000 a month, a summer in Alaska at $1500 a month etc....

By the way, Gulf Helicopter, Abu Dhabi Aviation and Aerogulf don't expect you to turn up with 212/412 on your licence. Instrument ATPL's are given a month temporary licence during which time you pass a checkride and air law written.

Gulf has taken on guys with less than 200 in type. I suppose it's a case of timing!!! And maybe a recommendation or two.

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