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Better? What do you mean? If you mean the interview process, then yes. It is conducted in a more realistic setting. Short tech quiz, followed by a sim brief, followed by lunch and then the sim. Sim was conducted on 777 on the first day. Fairly straight forward. Day 2 consists of group exercises, where you work in groups of 4 to come up with a solution to a problem, followed by the interim assesment where, if they are happy with what they see, you are invited to proceed to the last phase. This consists 2 psyche analysis evaluations followed by an interview with a professional interviewer and a line Captain. After all that they send you to a medical clinic for a full medical and I mean a full medical..ECG, audio, BP, bloodtest, x-ray, vision...everything. One thing I must say..these guys are thorough. Oh and you find your way back to the hotel after that...nice! However if you mean pay, then yes but only slightly...8% across the board and a 3% annual increment. Inflation is high, however compared to 3rd world countries, still much cheaper. Check out the EK website for the pay scales.
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