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Couldn't agree more, seriously invasive surgery for women, a no-brainer for us blokes (actually outside the body proper) No comments please about where we keep our brains!


Sure, I was as scared as H*ll and I mentioned this to the surgeon. He said 'no worries, I've chased 'em round the table before now'.

For anyone who considers that their family is now complete and who has reached the age where they cannot face the prospect of any more nappy changing (I reckon I did 35-45% of my last 2, in my mid 40's) it really is the only way to go.

I do think it's unfair to expect women to go through the equivalent unless it's done at the same time as another abdominal procedure; but that's another whole debate!

To any guys out there who are considering it, but are wavering due to being apprehensive, the op ain't really a big deal at all. Just go for it.

One thing, though. Do talk it through with your partner; it's for both of you. She might have issues of her own (like, what happens if one of our children dies and I think we should have another?) If it's on the NHS they will be looking for support from your partner. You might find talking that through a whole lot tougher than the op (been there).


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