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A quick look at the photos suggests quite a bit's been done since the initial prototype was produced. I always understood the engine was an O-320, but they could always put more power in if it was justified...

I just hope they learn the lessons from the preceding designs in this area of the market, include a bit of inertia into the rotor system (the Enstrom's great here, but midway between the Ennie and the R22 should be enough) and ensure that the crashworthiness doesn't depend on how much luggage you have.
90-100 Knots would be great for 240 odd nm with 2pob, cup holders, donut device etc.

On a serious note again, how about including the cyclic & collective grips from the EC120? The guards seem awfully flimsy - except on the hydralics switch - but it had enough buttons for all the options one could possibly want & it's not going to require a specific build. Might be a method of including a non-open throttle setting for starts too....

I did really like the look of the Bongo, but I was always concerned that the engines might get expensive - thus the problem for anybody wanting to produce a contender in this market. Mind you if the engine proves to be OK, it might be worth trying for the Cabri too.

Anyone else thought it's going to be known as the Cab Ride? How about EC105 or EC110? Can the person who suggests the chosen name get a free one????

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